Learning Disabilities Are Very Common

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One of the most common issues that students face when going to school is a learning disability. It can be a very stressful issue for some children, since they often feel like they are the only ones in school who have a learning disability. What many parents fail to tell their children is that learning disabilities are very common in the US and abroad. Don't believe it? Read up on these facts about learning disabilities, and you might find that it's a lot more common and able to be overcome than you initially thought…


–      2.9 million school aged children have a learning disability of some sort in the US. That's approximately 5%, or 1 out of every 20 children in the American public school system.

Learning disabilities are now being diagnosed more and more frequently.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Cher, Jay Leno, and Winston Churchill all had learning disabilities, and they all became famous, successful people.

There are now fonts that are designed to help dyslexic people read more easily, which means that overcoming this learning disability may become much easier in the near future.

Teachers are now specially trained to handle students with learning disabilities in a caring yet professional manner. Prior to the 1990's, most schools were not equipped to deal with learning disabilities at all.

New federal laws have been put into place to help students with learning disabilities get the help that they need without having to deal with the old four year waiting period associated with receiving help for certain disabilities.

Colleges even have learning disability programs that can help students earn their degree without having to deal with major problems.


It's important to remember that as a student, having a learning disability does not mean that you cannot achieve all your academic goals, and in many cases, it won't even influence your social life at school. As long as you ask for the right tools to overcome it, you will find that a learning disability really won't harm any part of your schooling experience. 

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